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Thai Massage and energy healing

I am a true believer that the human body is designed to heal naturally…. In July 2017 I met Howard and decided to have a Thai MassageEnergy Healing session. I had my session the evening before I was scheduled for surgery for a large cyst on my foot….after my session with Howard and I had gotten home I was getting ready for bed and then I noticed that the cyst was GONE!!! Yes, completely gone!!! I cancelled the surgery appt and have had no trouble with that foot since!!! Yes, I was healed!!!Thank you Howard!! I did not want the drugs and chemicals induced into my body, and you made this possible to avoid!!!


Passionate about Thai therapy and energywork, Howard Linamen is one I highly recommend. He listens and seeks to understand areas on which you want him to concentrate and works with enthusiasm while also tuning in to your body. You owe it to yourself to experience a session, and will then find yourself booking again.Elmore D.


Massage Therapy

Howard really set me straight! I have a history of lower back pain and he is the only one I know who can relieve me of my symptoms. I give him the highest marks possible!

Dave Mayberr


Howard is a very gifted healer and is very passionate about what he does. My session with him was amazing to say the least; very visceral! I could feel the energy moving along my meridians releasing blocks and creating flow. The clearing continued through the night as I slept and I woke the next morning feeling like a new person!

Sarah Minavio

Thai massage

I have had lower back and knee pain almost every day for many years. After just one session with Howard, my knee pain was finally relieved. It was amazing to feel the energy flowing through me and to feel how relaxed my body could actually get. Amazing work, I will for sure be going back!

Rachel Moller

Thai massage

I’m a believer in Thai massage. First Thai massage last year with Howard was an eye opener for my lymphatic system. My body needed much more water! In between my next Thai massage, I notice a lump in my neck. Ultrasound said 2 centimeter tumor. So I changed my diet to more raw organic, exercised, etc..and went for next Thai massage before 2nd ultrasound and biopsy at Hamot. Long story short was done on 10/10/17 at 10:00. Radiology team found no lump and no biopsy needed! Thanks Howard!!! Keep doing what your doing!

Vicky Norris

I’m a believer of Thailand massage!

About a year ago, I came to Howard about my lower back pain and after one treatment, all my pain was gone. I still have no pain in my back even after months on the road for my work.Yesterday, I came to Howard for tendinitis in my arm that I have had for 4 months. My doctor wanted to give me a steroid shot, but I refused. After Howard’s treatment, my arm felt so much better and I was finally able to sleep with no pain! I highly recommend anyone to Howard.

Steve L

Great experience

I have had back pain for years and when I went to Howard the end of Sept 2017 I had pain so severe in my right hip I could barely walk. The session was amazing and left my hip pain free. I have waited to write my review to see if my pain would return and it has not. I would recommend Howard to anyone with chronic pain. Five stars is not enough!

Duane Kowalski

Thai Therapy/massage

Yesterday i returned for my second session with Howard with terrible lower back pain and unbearable nerve pain in my hips and legs. First let me say It’s been a year since I moved away and I knew he was the one to take care of me and reboot my system, sending me home with lasting energy for days like my first visit. I remember feeling like wow my body feels so young.. No more body aches, stiff muscles, and back pains.. Yesterday I had a boil on my bottom right by the crease of my butt and was so painful to even sit. Four hours after I returned home it was shrunk down to 1/4 in size UNBELIEVABLE. Now that’s powerful healing hands!!! Everything feels so different today I can’t even put it into words. I will be back next week for another. I feel so rejuvenated today and don’t want this feeling to ever end.. I highly recommend Howard for any of your healing needs.

Norma Stanton

Howard has helped me to

Howard has helped me to regain my health through teaching me the power of living foods. For 5 years I’ve suffered with ulcerative colitis. Growing, juicing, and consuming sprouts through his guidance has given me quality of life back and even more it has returned my vitality far above anything else that I’ve tried. I am amazed and endlessly grateful to Howard.

Jenna DeFazio

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