Growing up I was fascinated with martial arts, studying diligently and achieving the rank of 4th degree black belt/don in Shotokan Karate. Through this practice I learned of the many healing art forms and health benefits associated Chi / Qi / Ki energy. It was not until I met two extraordinary energy healers who taught me how to harness that energy for the betterment of others.

Jessica Brooks Bryant, a Reiki Master/teacher taught me to open up with love, care and compassion and most of all to expect miracles. Vicki Kemner-Ramsdell Master Therapist & Educator taught me the art of Thai Therapy-energy healing also known as Thai Massage. Both of these women taught me how to combine my hands and spirit to move energy, helping to heal and comfort others.

Thai therapy treats the whole person; Body, Mind and Spirit. Your personal treatment at Twisted Sticks includes multiple healing modalities. Howard Linamen is constantly learning and incorporating knowledge to improve and speed up your healing journey.